Recent Personal Projects & News

I help my husband, Moon, run the web-end of his ceramics sales by taking photos, performing image touchup, web design, commerce & product setup, and assistance with social media assets and marketing.

I work with my parent to promote her blossoming lasering & injecting career as she performs training and sales across the East coast. I optimize assets and operate the Instagram account. So far I have nearly 40% growth in just over 3 months.

Elias in front of mural by Caleb Neelon

Featured in Edward Boches' photography project in which I speak on my volunteer work.

Denise Lendon's ($ister$moke) - Social Media Coordinator

In collaboration with friend and pen pal Denise, I have been helping her archive her art & share it on social media platform Instagram. She is presently incarcerated, but accepts commissions for art. Contact me for details.

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