Recent Personal Projects & News

I help my fiancé Atlas run his business by doing photography, image touchup, web design, commerce & product setup, and assist with social media assets and marketing.

I work with my parent to promote her blossoming lasering & injecting career as she performs training and sales across the East coast. I optimize assets and operate the Instagram account. So far I have nearly 40% growth in just over 3 months.

Denise Lendon's ($ister$moke) - Social Media Coordinator

In collaboration with friend and pen pal Denise, I have been helping her archive her art & share it on social media platform Instagram. She is presently incarcerated, but accepts commissions for art. Contact me for details.

MassLive: For this Boston artist, designing packaging for Mayflower cannabis a chance to spread awareness about legalization

I had the opportunity of partnering with Mayflower Medicinals, a medical dispensary in Allston, MA, in their Artist Spotlight Series. I designed 3 of jar labels in 3 months.

I speak on what graphic design for the cannabis industry meant for me being part of the Mayflower Spotlight Artist series. 

Elias in front of mural by Caleb Neelon

Featured in Edward Boches' photography project in which I speak on my volunteer work.

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