web design

Pro Bose Website

I presently do web/content design for Bose, and I now work specifically on the Pro Bose website with another team mate. I have opportunities to make creative layout decisions without authoring tools. My work has markedly improved the company's revenue, and I continue to overhaul much of the site.


atlasmoonart index image


I built a website equipped with a shop for Boston-based ceramicist and artist, Moon RodrĂ­guez-Decker. The site also features an extensive portfolio that I largely photographed and did the touch-ups for in Photoshop.

We collaborated on writing the copy, the layout design, and font choices, of course!

The logo was illustrated by Moon.


Denise Lendon (aka. _SisterSmoke_) Art

I have been helping a pen pal & friend of mine who is incarcerated create and post regularly to an instagram account. Through our e-mails, letters, and calls, we have been collaborating on this project for a couple of months. Denise sends descriptions (often) and I run the post ideas by her, hash tags, etc. It has been a very fun, collaborative experience that benefits both of us! I love her art, and I get to practice touching them up using Photoshop, manage a social account, and essentially develop a social media coordination pipeline.

Please check out Denise's art on Instagram!