Elias playing the piano
Photo credit: www.atlasmoonart.com

Elias was exposed to video games during the early dawn of PC gaming and 3D worlds and immediately became immersed in the realm of digital art.  He enjoyed sketching and drawing comics in his free time, and was always lugging a camera around to capture inspiration. 

In 2008, he went on to study programming and digital art at Georgia Tech and joined the school's Experimental Game Group {egg} where he focused on 3D and 2D asset creation for an MMORPG called Mermaids. After graduating with a B.S. in Computational Media, he landed his first game dev job doing content design for Boston-based Learning Games Network - an indie studio focused on creating educational games including Xenos and Quandary

In 2014, he began working for Rockstar Games' New England as Development Support for the coding department. Throughout the development of Red Dead Redemption 2, Elias began to forge a path into the art side of development by moving into VFX Development Support, sparking further interest in 3D programs such as 3ds Max and Houdini. 

A year after the launch of RDR2, Elias pivoted into the world of web design by becoming Lead Content Designer for Bose, further broadening his skillset.  In his free time, he enjoys working on personal projects, learning new skills, gaming, and playing piano. 

Read about other organizations I am presently involved with:

Black & Pink MA

"[Black and Pink's] goal is liberation. We have a radical view of the fight for justice: We are feminist. We are anti-racist. We want queer liberation. And we are against capitalism. Prisons are part of the system that oppresses and divides us. By building a movement and taking action against this system of violence, we will create the world we dream of. We celebrate the beauty of what exists now: Our love for each other. The strength of our planet. Our incredible resiliency. All of the power we have to continue existing. While dreaming and struggling for a better world, we commit to living in the present."

Black and Pink Massachusetts

Allston-Brighton Mutual Aid

Allston-Brighton Mutual Aid is a group of volunteers. Most of us live in Allston-Brighton, and all of us feel called to help our neighbors and our communities thrive.